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Boarding Path is a start-up venture whose vision is to create the finest "travel concierge" mobile app. It provides trip management, internal real-time mapping of airports, flights info and discount coupons on their smartphones. It also provides customized VIP services and advanced features for frequent flyers, business travelers and annual subscribers.

It resolves the long-time pain that passengers face during their journey inside these major airports which serve billions of passengers every year; as a result this frequent fear of getting lost or miss a flight experienced by travellers inside an airport will disappear with the help of our app. Boarding Path is focused on airports and airlines industries and produces innovative ways using emerging technologies to better serve air travelers in this rapidly changing landscape.

One of the strong points of Boarding Path is the industry experience possessed by members of its management team, who brings a combined 30 years of experience in the travel industry, by providing solutions for airports to improve their non-aeronautical revenues.

Passengers per Year (2019)

+9.1 Billion






"Our mission is to alleviate passengers' stress inside major airports and to elevate their travel experience."

Jean-Claude EL-Chidiac, CEO & Founder


Boarding Path will revolutionize the way people travel by providing passengers a “One app for all airports”. No need to download every airport's app and compromise smartphones storage and performance. Boarding Path will replace all airports apps with one single app.

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"One mobile app for all airports"

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Strategic Partnerships

Boarding Path will build long-term relationships with airports to become a promoter of their customers' services and duty-free shops. It’s a platform that bridges airports directly to their passengers, knowing today that passengers' shopping behaviour, their travel preferences, favorite cuisines, fashion choices and other perks are transparent to most airports. Boarding Path will also partner with technology providers and regulators in the travel industry to integrate their latest technologies in its app


For questions or more information about the app, kindly email us at info@boardingpath.com.


Phone: (+1) 514-771-0131

Email: info@boardingpath.com